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JoJo shines at Light Up Night downtown

I don’t like the holiday season. I can’t stand snow, and I change the station when a Christmas song comes on the radio. Still, I go to Pittsburgh’s Light Up Night every year.

Carnegie Museum of Art honors Jane Haskell

The Carnegie Museum of Art is currently housing Jane Haskell’s Modernism, an exhibit that not only showcases her works, but the works of those she loved and by whom she was inspired.

Fall Concert features wacky rapper Danny Brown

Rapper and hip-hop MC Daniel Dewan Swell, known by his stage name Danny Brown, performed this past Saturday night in Carnegie Mellon’s annual fall concert.

New universes abound in world of Hollywood

The DC Cinematic Universe is just getting started.

Tales from Abroad: Washington Semester

I set off from home with starry-eyed visions of the Capitol, the White House, the various monuments, and the history that would surround me.

Lord of the Flies performance ambitious

Lord of the Flies, a stage adaptation of William Golding’s original 1954 namesake classic, finds itself in a unique position.

Hunger Games franchise comes to an end

Then the movie started. Katniss is in the hospital, as she is for like one third of the Mockingjay movies.

Advice for Awkward People

I'll keep this short and sweet: I can't handle the cold.

Netflix debuts new noir series

This series is a gritty noir that will surely please fans of its sibling series Daredevil.


Tuesday 11/24 Using Network Flow to Gain Cyber Situational Awareness Webinar 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. The SEI presents a webinar on cyber awareness and its recent...

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