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To conquer fear after Paris attacks, search for "helpers"

People tend to lose hope unconsciously, falling into seemingly endless despair and darkness, but if we do this we are truly doomed.

Social justice activists neglect disability discrimination

Disability discrimination, or ableism, is a grossly under-discussed issue, especially when social media and public interest in equality can make almost any subject a widespread human rights debate.

Letter to the Editor: Mizzou exposes systemic racism

Institutional racism is particularly relevant when discussing the prevalence of racism on college campuses.

America must fight xenophobic impulse, welcome refugees

Denying compassion to a small fraction of the displaced and disabused refugees only bolsters the effectiveness of ISIS’s mission: to spread fear and seed mistrust.

PRO: Slacktivism raises awareness, creates change

Internet activism is wildly effective in achieving its goals through generating awareness about its targets.

Letter to the Editor: Racial microaggression is serious problem on college campuses

Racial microaggression is what black students and faculty at the University of Missouri (or Mizzou) and other American colleges have to deal with all the time. This

CON: Slacktivism excuses people from taking action

If a profile picture changes colors to promote a cause halfway around the world, does it accomplish anything? Does anyone care? The answer is no.

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