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Comedian proposes solutions

Fielder, who came to Carnegie Mellon at the behest of the Activities Board, came onto the stage singing a decidedly tone-deaf version of Lana del Rey’s “Born to Die.”

Tisbert delivers Ted Talks parody TisTalks

As you might guess from the title, the gimmick of TisTalks was Ted Talks, the nonprofit and global phenomenon devoted to “ideas worth spreading.”

Bo Burnham self deprecates to the extreme

I didn’t walk into a Bo Burnham show expecting to hear everyone in the audience crack their knuckles simultaneously. But it happened, and it sounded like several thousand cherubs vomited.

Discover Hunt’s secret poster collection

Carnegie Mellon, in addition to being a world leading institute of higher education, also happens to be home to one the greatest poster collections in the world.

Garden Railroad display reimagined at Phipps

This exhibit has been newly re-imagined into a wonderfully detailed world of toy railroads and ornate miniature towns that tell the tales of classic childhood fables and fairytales.

Tales from Abroad: acclimating to Firenze

Is study abroad really that great, or is everyone committed to maintaining its mystique, like the Illuminati? Is study abroad the new Illuminati?

Supergirl follows the heroics of Kara Zor-El

The show has a lot of potential, and it’s ultimately up to CBS whether the show will succeed or not.

Advice for Awkward People

All of my friends — literally, all of them — are vegetarians, or vegans, or sanitarians, or whatever, and I feel a bit persecuted as a full-blown carnivore whenever we eat together.

Ingrid Schaffner gives talk on contemporary art

So in my attempt to be less close-minded on the subject, I attended a talk hosted by Schaffner at the Carnegie Museum of Art entitled “What is Contemporary Art?”

Movies in McConomy

Straight Outta Compton follows the journey of Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren, and DJ Yella from the streets of Compton to the pressures of fame.

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