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"Cup-gate" not a front in "War on Christmas"

It is absolutely ridiculous to call a red coffee cup a symbol of hatred against the holidays.

Platforms worth more than purses, women worth more than their beauty

There are serious presidential candidates who are women, but what I find extremely unsettling is the unjust treatment and criticism these women receive for their appearances and fashion choices.

Weird names build cool character, worth risk of stigma

As odd as it is to think, names actually have an impact. The labels assigned to us when we are tiny womb aliens guide us to who we are.

CMU's Tor hack was unacceptable violation of user privacy

Internet privacy is a right of the people. Because the right has been denied by organizations such as the NSA, networks like Tor should be protected and fostered by the academic community.

"P.O.C." fails as umbrella term in Mizzou protests

People of color need to understand is that this situation is not about us. This is not something that the entirety of people of color experience: This is an issue facing black Americans.

Students deserve dependably safe food on campus

The closure of the food truck prompted many students to consider the cleanliness of the truck and, even further, of all of the dining facilities on campus.

Focus on drug abuse creates stigma about ADHD

ADHD is not a joke or a reason to pop a pill, but a serious disorder that can cripple students' potential and inhibit academic progress.

Our enemies are theirs: Answer to Paris is not Islamophobia

Just like the Parisians, Syrian refugees have experienced first-hand the violence and destruction of ISIS.

Tartans Talk

The Tartan is excited to jam at the Fall Concert this week. So we asked,
What would you name your hypothetical band?

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