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“Collaborative learning” fails to collaborate with introverts

In the context of group discussions, some introverts may contribute as much as any extroverted student; the underlying difference is that this is not the best way for them to learn.

Water on Mars shows astronomy deserves more federal funding

Many continue to question the importance of astronomy in a world apparently operated and dominated by technology.

Letter to the Editor: Build relationships with policy makers to create change

We need to advocate for change and educate ourselves to create it. But there are smart ways to advocate for what you want.

Boehner jumps sinking Republican ship, drags democracy down also

Boehner's resignation is a victory for right-wing conservatives, signaling the continued radicalization of the Republican Party.

iPhone 6s not full redesign, but Apple's best update yet

After a week with the iPhone 6s, I'm convinced that Apple has once again managed to create a great mobile experience.

Security Report shows CMU's Title IX fight isn't over

While Carnegie Mellon has taken significant steps forward by establishing the Office of Title IX Initiatives and beginning to revamp its Sexual Assault Policy, it hasn’t been enough.

Peduto’s program promises veterans better future

The Tartan is pleased to see Mayor Peduto and Pittsburgh taking a stand for veterans, one of the most important but also most neglected and mistreated factions of the population.

Students should get excited about CUC expansion

The Tartan is excited by the progress that has been made and by how much student input has gone into the massive project.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan broke out its cozy sweaters and cool leather jackets this week. So we asked,
What’s your favorite Autumn treat?

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