Fantasy Football: week six

My intuition was right going into last week. I lost 63–84, bringing my two game winning streak to a speedy, painful end.

Russell Wilson, Le’Veon Bell and Brian McManus were my only players to score double digits. When my kicker is in my top-three scorers, that’s a really terrible sign, even if he is my favorite kicker in the universe.

What’s especially annoying about the loss is that only three of his players, Ryan Matthews, Julian Edelman, and the Broncos D/ST scored 56 of his 84 points on their own. The most hilarious match-up was at D/ST, where the Broncos scored and insane 23 points against the Raiders. I unfortunately had to start the Giants, and they only managed one lousy point.

I’m feeling better about this week, though. I have the Jets D/ST and Eric Decker back, so thank goodness. That should amount to another 15-20 points, assuming no disasters. I also did end up dropping disappointing wide receiver Justin Hunter to pick up Dexter McCluster, who may not actually end up making any difference. I’m starting him as my flex this week.

This week’s match-ups against Team Telly should be interesting.

At quarterback, he will be starting the Jets’ Ryan Fitzpatrick, but good for me, Russell Wilson is just better.

Usually I’m pretty confident about my running back set-up. Blount is good enough, and Bell is great. But unfortunately this week finds us (Bell, Blount, and I are a crew) matched up against Matt Forte and Chris Ivory. I honestly think we’re going to lose this match-up. A point of interest, Team Telly has six complete loser running backs on his bench. I don’t understand the logic behind this.

I’m equally confused about the wide receivers on his roster. He has Jordan Matthews from the Eagles, who is solid, and Tampa Bay’s Vincent Jackson, who is pretty inconsistent but sometimes great. Jackson also has a bye this week. On the bench he has two more wide receivers, who are also complete losers, which I still do not understand. Needless to say, I’m confident about starting Decker and Garcon. Neither are total stars, but they’re consistent performers.

The tight end match up should actually be interesting because I have Ladarius Green of the San Diego Chargers, and Team Telly has Antonio Gates, also of the San Diego Chargers. Gates was suspended through week four, and then in his first appearance, he scored 21 points. His return means more targets for him and less for Green.

I feel pretty good about both defense and kicker. My Jets are better than his Bills, obviously. And I don’t care who McManus is matched up against because he will do better. I know it in my heart.

I also don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about the fact that the Jets play Washington this week. That means I have the Jets D/ST playing against Pierre Garcon. Who do I root for? Is there any way for this to go well for me? It is like a tug-of-war?

I’ve also been considering starting to propose nonsense trades just to see who’s paying attention. Perhaps I’ll offer Ladarius Green to Team chitown DEZZ_NUTS for Rob Gronkowski. Or even my favorite loser Jerick McKinnon to Team eatda groceries of week one in exchange for Devonta Freeman. Maybe if nothing else, it will be funny.