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Cocksnotglocks shows America has hard-on for violence

The trending #CocksNotGlocks on Twitter earlier this week, encourages students to carry dildos in their backpacks to make a statement about what should be considered obscene and dangerous.

All things need moderation, including Democratic primary

It’s bad for democracy when the country’s largest voting bloc does not have a candidate.

Private space needs more true explorers, fewer capitalists

Here is my political philosophy in a nutshell: I am passionately against anything that delays the future in which humanity is out there, exploring the stars.

"Overachievers" are overrated; better off to be high performer

You wouldn't normally think, especially at CMU, that it’s possible to “exceed” a workload. However, even here, there are students who apparently work more than their share — the overachievers.

Voting day registration is necessary

The wave of political hype that propels people to register and vote surges through social media, but it can only do its job and get the young vote out if the registration date hasn’t passed.

Nobel Prize for poverty economist long time coming

The Tartan applauds the award committee for highlighting important work on poverty, even if such attention is long overdue on an issue that affects billions worldwide.

Bill Cosby doesn't deserve honorary degree from CMU

Carnegie Mellon awarded an honorary degree in 2007 to America's former favorite sitcom dad, Bill Cosby.

Cost of textbooks just as ridiculous as college tuition

The Affordable College Textbook Act was introduced to Congress on Oct. 8. The act seeks to lower the cost of educational textbooks and reading materials used by college students across the nation.

Letter to the Editor: Students should build culture of open access

Open access has a significant impact on how our tuition money gets spent.

Tartans Talk

The Tartan is scrambling for a Halloween costume this week. So we asked,
What’s your favorite scary movie?

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