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New noise policy aims to quiet campus

The campus noise policy has been revised to limit the amount of noise coming from student organization activities on the Cut.

SEI to expand to new Bakery Square location

Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute is now expanding into Bakery Square in East Liberty.

Silver jubilee for LCS program

Faculty members, students, and alumni of the English department came together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the university’s literary and cultural studies program last Thursday and Friday.

Man makes poetry of cave art

Melding the realms of archaeology and poetry, poet Clayton Eshleman spoke about his experiences discovering ancient cave art in Southern France to an audience in Porter Hall last Thursday.

Stand-off ends peacefully

A local hostage situation ended peacefully on Friday when 22-year-old Klein Thaxton surrendered to police.

Campus News in Brief

This week, CMU is presenting a month-long Latin American film festival, and a group of researchers has compiled an online review of literature on shale drilling.

Lecture Previews

This week's lectures include a talks by a vice president of Union Pacific and former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge.

Statistically Speaking

Saturday was the autumnal equinox, when Earth’s axis is tilted neither toward nor away from the sun.

Crime and Incident

This week's incidents include several alcohol-related calls and the theft of a potted plant from Newell-Simon Hall.

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