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iPhone 5 doesn’t have that revolutionary feel

The iPhone 5’s improvements over the 4S are vast, but where is the “wow” factor that usually accompanies an iPhone unveiling?

Students need more awareness of campus changes

Many students feel that they were not adequately informed of changes to campus that would affect them, if they were informed at all.

Privacy nonexistent in 21st century

If the Duchess of Cambridge wants to take her shirt off while sunbathing, that’s her choice, but her decision will have consequences.

On-campus dining options make delicious comeback

We appreciate the steps that have been made to improve students’ dining experience; for the most part, the changes have been successful.

Manipulated statistics give voters wrong idea

The trouble with sound bite-style statistics is that they are often misleading, out of context, or just plain wrong.

Voting registration efforts are welcome on campus

If you have crossed the Cut since the semester started, then you have no doubt seen the tables set up to register students to vote.

Both film and extremists to blame

Innocence of Muslims is extremely offensive not just to Muslims, but also to the sensibilities of most people.

Carnegie Mellon stress helps students develop

Up until now, I didn’t think I’d changed at all since high school. But actually, Carnegie Mellon, you’ve made me forget what the word “hard” means.

Person's Opinion

The Tartan has been looking into the possibility of time travel. So we asked,
If you could go back in time one week, what would you change?

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