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Additional parking meters on campus strain students

At Carnegie Mellon, where parking is not only scarce but expensive, taking away a conveniently located street of free parking is another hassle.

America can’t afford to live beyond its means

The real cause of the recession lies in people living beyond their means.

Dorm laundry situation raises student concerns

Concerns about this change have not been answered by Housing and Dining with more than perfunctory brush-offs, so I am seeking a wider audience.

Student Executives outline goals

Our main goal is to maintain open communication with the Carnegie Mellon community so you can know how we are working to help you.

License agreements for digital media need revision

The vast majority of online shoppers find it unnecessary to scale the dense walls of text in online license agreements.

Clinton’s speech does wonders for president

Former president Bill Clinton came out as what appeared to be the Democrats’ unlikely trump card.

NYC program shouldn’t restrict mothers from formula

These new restrictions Bloomberg has put on new mothers’ access to formula don’t take reality into account.

Critics of Honey Boo Boo too harsh

A monstrous chunk of America’s ridiculous societal upsets have made it to the limelight in TLC’s reality comedy show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Person's Opinion

The TOC and the BOC are this week. So we asked,"What is the most unconventional thing on your résumé?"

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