How to exercise more than your brain

Credit: Jonathan Carreon/Photo Editor Credit: Jonathan Carreon/Photo Editor

Do you want to avoid the intense time commitment associated with varsity or club sports, but still want to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle? To strike that balance, there are plenty of ways to stay active on campus that will fit into any schedule.

Carnegie Mellon has a range of gyms — both big and small — for those who like to work out on their own. The majority of dormitories contain small gyms with a few cardio machines. These are convenient for quick workouts in the comfort of your own dorm. This is a great option for people afraid of letting others see them working up a sweat.

“I enjoy working out in Fairfax if I am too lazy to go to campus, but if I am on campus I enjoy working out in the UC pool or Skibo,” said senior business major Dan Griffith.

Skibo Gymnasium, which has a weight room on its first floor, is open to all students. There is an area on the second floor where intramural floor hockey is played and a room for fencing practices on the third floor. However, the weight room on the third floor is only open to varsity athletes.
Many students enjoy working out in the University Center. There is an array of equipment, including weights, machines, treadmills, and ellipticals. The University Center is a prime location for working out because of its flexible hours. During the school week, the gym opens at 6 a.m. and closes at 2 a.m.

Students are required to get a wrist band from the equipment desk on the first floor before entering any of the University Center’s fitness facilities.

The University Center is also home to racquetball courts and Wiegand Gymnasium, which has two full basketball courts.

When the weather is nice, another place to work out is outside around campus. There are six tennis courts in the middle of campus that you can reserve at the equipment desk in the University Center.

When the track and field team is not practicing, the track is great for an outdoor run. If you are more adventurous, a run through Schenley Park provides a great change of scenery.

“It depends on the day: Sometimes [I workout] in Skibo, sometimes in the UC, but lately I have been going for runs in Schenely Park,” said senior chemical engineering major Neil Soni.

If you are someone who needs more motivation to work out, Carnegie Mellon also provides a range of fitness classes. During the week, students can find time for popular classes like yoga or spinning. Carnegie Mellon also offers classes like African-Caribbean Dance and Masala Bhangra. No prior experience is necessary for any of these classes.

Another fitness option is intramural sports. There are many options for intramural sports: soccer, tennis, and softball, among others. It only takes a couple of friends to make a team, depending on the sport. It is a small commitment, usually only one or two shortened games a week. If you make the playoffs and win an intramural championship, you and your team win Intramural Champions T-shirts.

However you like to work out, you can find a place to do it at Carnegie Mellon.