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El Gallo de Oro shows lack of true health initiative

As students begin to trickle back to campus, they may notice the presence of El Gallo de Oro, the new and improved version of Sí Señor.

Akin’s rape comment reflects GOP policies

When you look at the facts, it becomes pretty clear that Akin isn’t an anomaly of the Republican party.

Students must give more input for shuttle changes

August signals the return of Carnegie Mellon students to campus and the Carnegie Mellon Shuttle and Escort Services’ almost annual route changes.

Stricter gun control not the answer to violence

Gun control is a difficult topic to discuss because of poorly framed statistics and the passionate response from those personally affected by it.

Adequate housing for first-years should be a priority

When coming to college, first-years shouldn’t have to worry if they’ll have adequate on-campus housing.

Common courtesy is necessary for walking on sidewalks

I grew up close to New York City — famous for its pizza and erratic drivers. But its residents are famous for something else: knowing how to walk.

Withholding diplomas is a cheap move

Diploma withholding in response to non-academic issues cheapens the four years of dedication and effort needed to achieve that academic recognition.

Person's Opinion

The return to college always has a cinematic feel to it. So we asked,
"If your upcoming school year were a movie, what would it be called?"

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