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Chik-fil-A is a-fixin’ to get fried for its ‘values’

When talking about same-sex marriage and LGBT rights, Chick-fil-A has been front and center for the past month because of Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy’s comments.

Stricter gun control laws needed

Tragic events serve as reminders that stricter gun control policies should be enforced to ensure public safety.

Paul Ryan focuses race on debt issues

Ryan has been nothing but consistent on his views. Republicans and Democrats may disagree about his ideas, but by all accounts, he’s a budget expert.

Dishonest ads should put you on guard

This year’s advertisements contain excessive exaggeration and downright misinformation.

Modern Games signals a new era for female athletes

If we could describe this summer’s Olympics in a word, it would be “modern.”

Corbett steps in right direction with tech companies

Corbett being proactive and reaching out to tech companies is a great leap forward for Pittsburgh and the state as a whole.

Don’t look for reasoning behind Busby’s bomb threats

Attempts to give Busby a motive in this story will likely not only be fruitless, but will also unduly validate the anonymous bomb threats as articulate statements of protest.

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