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Supreme Court carries right to judicial review

Obama's recent comments are antithetical to the Supreme Court’s authority, as well as the long revered tradition of judicial review.

Recent bomb threats at Pitt damaging to education

The anonymity of the bomb threats at the University of Pittsburgh shares much in common with internet flame wars on chat rooms.

Sad state of student government

It remains on the shoulders of our newly elected leaders to vehemently fight the attitude and apathy toward student government.

‘Revenge porn’ site shows need for privacy reform

Is Anyone Up has come to be known as a “revenge porn site” where ex-lovers and hackers can post people’s private nude pictures.

Employers violate privacy rights with password requests

The demands of employers for their employees' Facebook passwords violate a basic right to privacy and ignore any sort of due process.

Universities must place students before reputation

In instances of sexual assault in a collegiate setting, there is a common thread: The reputation of the university is often the first priority.

Reactive legislation doesn’t stop bullying

Instead of focusing on proposing new legislation to prevent bullying, lawmakers could focus on preventing legislation that actively enables bullying.

Person's Opinion

Easter is always conveniently on a Sunday. So we asked,
“What’s your favorite holiday that classes weren’t canceled for?”

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