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Case of the lost peptide: The fight against HIV and SARS

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon are searching through evolutionary history to produce a lost peptide that could fight human pathogens.

Stress found to wreak havoc on immune system

Stress is no stranger to Carnegie Mellon students. A group of CMU researchers recently found a correlation between stress and immunity.

Visiting lecturer discusses dark energy

Daniel Eisenstein of Harvard University gave the annual Buhl Lecture in the Mellon Institute auditorium last Tuesday, discussing “Dark Energy and Cosmic Sound.”

How Things Work: Nor'easters

The recent threat of heavy snow may seem like odd weather for late April. The culprit? A weather system called a nor’easter.

SciTech Briefs

A team of engineers at Northumbria University in Newcastle, England, are developing a technique of healing cracks in concrete and preventing further cracks from developing. The trick? Bacteria.

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