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Spring Carnival booths need more variety every year

The Spring Carnival theme should inspire organizations to tackle something they’ve never tackled before and push their creativity.

Hologram performances diminish worth of live concerts

It is impossible for any two live performances to be the same. With Pepper’s ghost, however, this variability is flattened.

Club leaders require a new vision

I strongly believe that a person in charge should be someone who has been focused toward the organization’s achievements for quite some time.

Tiered activities fee required for different students

All students — undergraduate and graduate students both in Pittsburgh and Qatar — have to pay that same activities fee, whether they use it or not.

U.S. policies on Latin America must change

The U.S. needs to reform its policies and work with the suggestions of regional leaders like Colombia in order to achieve true progress.

Austin police need to right death of canine

Officers are trained to handle stressful situations and unusual circumstances better than the average citizen.

Person's Opinion

Spring Carnival was this past weekend. So we asked,
In one word, how was your Spring Carnival?

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