Did You Know?

100 years ago: March 14, 1912
A news article discusses the poor turnout for an engaging speaker who was brought in to lecture to the Crucible Club. The speaker lectured on mining in the West and described the condition of Western forests. He is affiliated with the Department of Mining and engages in government work.

50 years ago: March 28, 1962
Traveling to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Mary., both of Carnegie Mellon’s rifle teams are successful in the regional competition. The “A” team placed sixth and the “B” team placed eleventh. “A” team members also managed to take home eight medals in individual competition over the course of the weekend-long event.

25 years ago: April 1, 1987
In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, The Tartan runs a gag issue full of colorful language and moderately offensive articles. The issue confirmed the selling of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to the University of Pittsburgh to pay for a new parking lot near Schenley Park.

10 years ago: March 25, 2002
In an attempt to help the males of Carnegie Mellon find women, one arts and living writer suggests making time for a study session at the Hillman Library at the University of Pittsburgh. He reminds students that smart and pretty girls at Pitt are often ignored for their less intelligent counterparts.

5 years ago: April 2, 2007
Two authors give their opinions of four local places to get cupcakes. Ranging from bakeries to supermarkets, there is a wide range of options for cupcakes in Pittsburgh. Evaluating environment, taste, originality, and price, the authors share substantial information regarding the art of finding the best cupcake in town.

1 year ago: March 28, 2011
Professor William “Red” Whittaker, a robotics expert who worked on the 1979 Three Mile Island incident, gives a lecture hosted by the Civil and Environmental Engineering department. He is a leading member of a team involved in a Google competition to land a robot on the moon.