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Trayvon Martin case shows social stigmas have yet to disappear

The internal issue behind the Trayvon Martin tragedy is that our society has become blind to many forms of racism.

SBP, SBVP candidates tout feasible campaign goals

Because we are not entirely supportive of any one platform, The Tartan refrains from endorsing any particular ticket.

Response from SBVP candidate

A response to The Tartan’s March 26 Forum article titled “Dudley should not be elected SBVP” and the 122 online comments it received.

Response from Tartan alumnae

The Tartan’s job, as Carnegie Mellon’s student newspaper, is to serve the students and the larger university community.

Sanctions against Iran are mostly ineffective

The objective of chipping away at Iran’s nuclear facilities is far from being reached, and sanctions against Iran are historically ineffective.

Student Senate showed commendable efforts

The Tartan's editorial board has undermined initiatives Senate has completed with great success this year.

Parents’ intervention deprives children of life lessons

In the case of the Colorado Springs Easter Egg Hunt, interfering parents are depriving their children of important life lessons.

BGSO should be applauded for Trayvon Martin rally

We support Carnegie Mellon's participation in the "Rally for Justice for Trayvon Martin" protest at the Fence last Monday.

Person's Opinion

Yesterday was April Fool's Day. So we asked, "What is your favorite prank to pull on someone?"

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