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Carnival shows need more venue space for demand

While fast ticket distribution shows excitement for shows, it seems that a lot of students could be left out of some of the fun this weekend.

Book censorship stops progress of democracy

Public libraries are repositories of this knowledge, and attempts to censor them by banning books are simply inexcusable.

Guillen should not be punished for remarks

Guillen should not be professionally disciplined for voicing his opinion when other athletes have gone unpunished for equally controversial comments.

City in need of college seniors to stay in Pittsburgh

If Ravenstahl wants to reinvigorate Pittsburgh by bringing in younger people, the benefits of living here need to be made clear to college graduates.

Book publishers need independent markets for e-books

The book publishing industry is just one more 19th-century innovation disrupted by the rise of digital information transfer and ubiquitous computing devices.

Desperation for tech too extreme

Wang’s desire for Apple products is an example of extreme consumerism, and it represents the extent to which people try to keep up with tech fads.

Santorum’s departure enables true presidential race

Now, perhaps by touting a weak economy and somewhat unpopular health care bill, Romney might provide a formidable challenge for Obama.

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Spring Carnival is this week, so we asked,
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