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Undeclared major promotes financial irresponsibility

Students should do more research and prepare a career path to develop financial responsibility, instead of entering into college undecided on a major.

Senate, GSA should remove SBP Flittner from office

Promises to the campus community have been forgotten, and promises to increase transparency between branches of government have also been ignored.

College degree outweighs costs

Do career prospects justify the enormous time commitments and costs of a college degree?

Public needs to realize autism has two faces

The almost exclusive media coverage on children with autism skews the perception of children with high-functioning autism and adults with autism.

Schools should teach computational thinking earlier

We should start teaching the foundations and thinking patterns of computer programming in high school, middle school, and even elementary school.

History should be defined by historians, not by laws

Passing laws criminalizing an opinion of history is wrong and dangerous.

Like spinach, classical music builds muscles

As a classical musician, I like to think that there is something intrinsically valuable in the tradition of classical music.

Individuals can accept God’s offer

God gives each of us the dignity of choosing whether to accept His offer; but it must also be voluntarily received.

Student Senate continues projects

Student Senate Chair Will Weiner provides updates on this semester's initiatives

Person's Opinion

Spring break is nearly upon us. So we asked, "What are your plans for break?"

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