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Student Senate does not commit to reforming itself

The situation shows how Student Senate has been unable to follow through on initiatives that would benefit the student body.

Glee should not tack deep issues onto plot

The characters (and the show) become a bit ridiculous if every situation finds a character having a deep-seated emotional experience.

CMU emergency notifications don’t reach everyone

It is a serious issue when students who are signed up to receive these alerts have no indication that an emergency is occurring near where they live.

‘Kony’ a milestone in social media

The “Kony 2012” campaign has harkened a new era for social activism and political awareness.

Orange shirt firings exhibit unjust Florida legislation

In Florida, you can be legally fired for wearing an orange shirt.

Smith illuminates Wall Street’s flawed culture

The culture of arrogance at Goldman Sachs may be an indirect result of their going public.

France oversteps no boundaries with law

In response to the article regarding the Armenian Genocide denial law, there are a few comments that should be made. First off, there already exists...

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