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Harms of hookah smoking go unacknowledged

Investigations have shown the consequences of smoking hookah may not stray far from those of its more notorious counterpart.

Recent bill undermines public school authority

This new law funnels an excessive amount of power to the parents and tilts the balance almost to the point of educational obsolescence.

Twitter policy promotes transparent censorship

Twitter is once again pioneering a new trend of unrestricted free speech across the globe with the introduction of its transparent censorship policy.

High school junior embodies legacy of justice

By illuminating many unfortunate truths about the lives of Palestinians in Israel and occupied territories, Jesse Lieberfeld demonstrated a commitment to human and civil rights.

State resolution disobeys spirit of First Amendment

In its 193–0 vote, the House passed Resolution 535, declaring that 2012 shall be known as the “Year of the Bible” in Pennsylvania.

North Shore Connector should not be transit priority

Due to the construction of the North Shore Connector, the city’s prevalent issues with public transportation are being overlooked.

Consumers should be more aware of product origins

We should take monetary power in our hands as consumers and pull support from companies that enable horrible working conditions.

GSA takes measures to improve student life

GSA members are proud of the fact that we are both the most visible and most vibrant piece of student government at Carnegie Mellon.

A Person's Opinion

The Spring Employment Opportunities Conference is this Wednesday. So we asked,
What is your dream job?

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