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Price hikes after celebrity deaths show bigger issue

What makes us uncomfortable with the idea of raising prices in response to her death is the implication that Houston is worth more dead than alive.

Trials on false honors must uphold free speech

Simply put, legal action against Alvarez’s lies, and the lies of others who falsely claim military honors, is unconstitutional.

Overturned abortion legislation a great compromise

When abortion is such a heavily contested topic at the state level, compromise is essential to promote what is important in the issue: women’s health.

Clinging to penny’s existence makes no sense

While there may be economic benefits to finding a new metal mixture for the nickel, the government should simply discontinue the penny altogether.

Reagan ideals should be candidates’ theme

While all of the candidates champion small government, no one really understands what motivates people to believe in this Republican principle.

Affirmative action case is step in the right direction

Whatever the Supreme Court’s final decision on the case may be, The Tartan supports the Court’s initiative to reassess affirmative action legislation.

Consistency necessary with bus fare payments

What the Port Authority should really focus on is being more consistent with their drivers and the public about when we’re supposed to pay.

Zaslow’s legacy is prevalent in alumni

Jeff Zaslow was an exceptional human being and a very unique Carnegie Mellon alum who had a great impact on campus before his professional success.

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