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Correspondent’s remarks exhibit issue with society

Fox News correspondent Liz Trotta’s remarks on women in the military reflect the larger societal issue of blaming rape on victims.

Small tuition increase reasonable for new students

Although we regret the necessity of tuition increases, we support the Board of Trustees’ decision to implement a modest increase in tuition rates.

Pipeline construction could benefit economy

Keystone XL pipeline construction should be approved because it would create a number of jobs and is environmentally safe.

Visual cigarette warnings value American public’s health

The use of graphic warning labels on cigarette packaging is necessary for the protection of people’s health.

‘Facebook Parenting’ father does not cross the line

While it may seem rash or extreme, Jordan’s actions neither cross the line nor become unacceptable.

Taxpayer support integral to birth control argument

Religiously affiliated institutions have no right to force their beliefs on their employees or customers, when they are being supported by taxpayer dollars.

Good behavior absent in American children

Sociocultural theorists state that a child is raised by the values and traditions of its society. That shows when observing American children.

Tuition too costly for students

I understand that most CMU students receive some type of financial aid, but that does not negate the fact that a quality college education is generally unaffordable.

Person's Opinion

We’re hungry at The Tartan. So we asked, what snack food personifies you and why?

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