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Oklahoma tax on video games isn’t the answer

Although the bill has good intentions to combat childhood obesity and bullying, the legislation is poorly executed.

Reaction to poem shows severe censorship policy

Zhu Yufu, one of the founders of the Democracy Party of China, was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment for circulating a poem titled “It’s Time”.

Proposition 8 ruling could have lasting success

This recent decision is different from past legislation opposed to Proposition 8 in that it may actually work.

Music school should diversify its career training

The School of Music is filled with creative students, yet with their highly specialized orchestral training, their job prospects tend to be bleak.

Occupy Pittsburgh’s claim of victory is unwarranted

The court-ordered end of the camps is not a victory to be relished, no matter how many extra days the group was able to stay in the park.

Judges should maintain control of electronics rules

The proposed change would only undermine transparency and hinder the public’s right to know what is going on in its court system.

Senate should work with UC staff

It is disheartening to read that Student Senate is meeting and proposing changes without reaching out to the University Center staff beforehand.

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