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Television pilot films on campus

Film crews set up on campus on Friday to begin filming the pilot episode of Those Who Kill, an adaptation of the Danish crime drama of the same name....

Foreign languages speak to students

For those students who still need one more class in their schedules, foreign languages are a trend that seems to be increasingly worthwhile.

As his term ends, Cohon looks ahead

Jared Cohon, president of the university, discussed the presidential turnover and the status of Carnegie Mellon’s international campuses during one of his final town hall meetings last Tuesday.

CMU CS professor spreads her wings

Jeannette Wing, head of Carnegie Mellon’s computer science department, announced that she is leaving the university in January to take a job as the head of Microsoft’s international research labs.

Trejos discusses inequalities of trade

Former Minister of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica Alberto Trejos presented a lecture about the World Trade Organization (WTO) last Friday at Hamburg Hall.

Campus News in Brief

This week, two professors were named as AAAS fellows for their research and students spearheaded a plan for new chemical production.

Crime and Incident

This weeks incidents included repeated thefts and a couple of cases of disorderly conduct and underage drinking.

Statistically Speaking

This past week, Syrians were cut off from phone and internet access as a result of outages allegedly orchestrated by the government to control rebel forces.

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