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Americans must practice vigilance through voting

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Nothing better sums up, in my mind, how crucial it is to vote in not only this election, but in every election.

When you wish upon a galaxy far, far away...

On one hand, there are going to be new Star Wars movies. On the other, we all remember how lackluster the prequels were, to say the least.

Campus Wi-Fi problems should have been addressed

We understand that perhaps the disruption to campus Wi-Fi was unavoidable. However, the school’s silence on this issue has been disappointing.

Electoral College and popular vote both have issues

The massive disconnect between the popular vote and the election of our nation’s leader needs to be corrected if we are to continue to claim that each vote matters.

Obama’s promises convey character

Fundamentally, this election is about two candidates with opposing views of how this country should be run. But it is as much about opposing characters as it is about opposing policies.

Trump’s mid-disaster stunt for attention is despicable

Amid the wreckage wrought by Hurricane Sandy, Donald Trump still managed to make headlines.

PA jumped the gun on Hurricane Sandy prep

Considering all of the damage that happened in the tri-state area — New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut — Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania as a whole, overreacted to the storm.

Disney may work its magic with Star Wars franchise

Disney has the potential to reinvigorate the Star Wars brand and restore faith in the franchise after three disappointing prequels.

Person's Opinion

Election Day is this Tuesday, and the citizens of the U.S. elect their next President. So we asked,
Why do you think voting is important?

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