Stay warm and cute this winter

First-year directing major Dillon Stark pairs a 
leather jacket with a flannel shirt and tank for a warm, layered look. (credit: Jonathan Carreon/Photo Editor) First-year directing major Dillon Stark pairs a leather jacket with a flannel shirt and tank for a warm, layered look. (credit: Jonathan Carreon/Photo Editor)

As temperatures in Pittsburgh go down, the number of puffy winter jackets, sweats, and UGG boots seen on campus goes up. This is understandable; it is cold outside, after all. However, there are other clothing options out there that are both fashionable and comfortable, making it possible to save those sweats for a lazy day.

Sweater weather is better weather

An alternative to a sweatshirt is a stylish sweater. A chunky sweater worn with leggings, socks, and boots can make for a trendy outfit without giving up comfort. Layer a long-sleeved T-shirt under your chunky sweater on colder days for extra warmth.

Recently, a post on the Seventeen magazine website introduced sweater trends for the winter; one of the trends discussed is the classic Fair Isle sweater. This pattern will be in style for every cold-weather season, so it is a better investment than a sweater that will only be wearable for a few months. If the Fair Isle sweater interests you, consider the “Permafrost Tunic” from Free People.

Another major trend is the colorblocked sweater. Colorblocking has been in style for quite a while now, so a sweater with colorblocking is a great way to make a transition into the colder months. Madewell’s “Thermal Sweater in Colorblock Stripe” would look stylish with jeans and boots.

The edgy look has also been in style for the past couple of months, causing studs in every shape and size to appear on shoes, clothing, and jewelry. What better way to follow this trend than with a sweater that has stud detailing? Give this trend a try with the “Studded Denim Patch Jumper” from Topshop. But be careful: It’s important that the studs aren’t overdone.

Cardigans are versatile

Unlike other sweaters, cardigans can be worn with outfits that focus on a summer top or dress. However, they are similar to other types of sweaters in that they are warm — another layering staple. Longer cardigans look great when paired with dresses or skirts and tights. Shorter cardigans, in contrast, are better layered with a pretty shirt and a pair of jeans. Cardigans can also be found in the Fair Isle, colorblocked, and studded trends. Details on the backs of shirts are everywhere at the moment, so a cardigan with back detail, such as the “Kimchi Blue Back-Stitch Cardigan” from Urban Outfitters, is very trendy.

Leggings as pants?

No. As comfortable as leggings can be, they really are not meant to be worn as pants. For an alternative, invest in the J. Crew “Pixie Pants.” While just as comfortable, they are not as unforgiving as leggings, and are warmer as well. To mix things up and for added warmth, try the “Sweater Leggings” from Free People. While they may not be everyone’s taste, they can appear very stylish when paired correctly, such as with a tunic and short boots.

Accessories are a girl’s best friend

Layering scarves over outfits is the perfect way to tie a look together and stay warm. Infinity scarves are in style at the moment, so get one in a thicker knit for the colder weather. Want to keep your ears warm, but dislike hats? Opt for the “Knotted Ear Warmer” — basically a knitted headband — from Urban Outfitters. Layering knit socks under boots is another way to look fashionable in the winter.

Next time you want to settle for sweats, remember that there is a way to be warm and comfortable, but still look fashionable.