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VIA festival revitalizes Pittsburgh with collaborations in art, music

The VIA Music & New Media Festival brings experimental musical and visual artists to town.

The Rivals proves that humor is timeless

The School of Drama’s current production entertains audiences with timeless good humor.

A CaPittsburgh strikes a stunning chord

Counterpoint hosted this charity event, which featured seven different a cappella groups.

Hunt exhibit mesmerizes

For most people, plants are simply part of the background of everyday life. But for certain artists, there is a whole other realm among arched petals and verdant leaves.

Wind ensemble performs charming set

The Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble performed as part of Cèilidh Weekend.

Raise a glass to charity

Scotch’n’Soda held its fifth annual Charity Cabaret, charmingly named Sips of Scotch, in Rangos Hall last Friday. They raised $1,400 from ticket sales, and proceeds went to the Alumni Theater Company.

Looper uses time travel as plot device, not crutch

Looper dodges the usual problems of time travel movies and instead highlights character.

Frankenweenie pays homage to monster movies

Frankenweenie entertains viewers with humorous references to iconic monster movies.

Advice for awkward people

Dear Patrick, I’ve been playing the whole interview game for weeks now, and I’m exhausted. “What did you do at your job last summer?” “What exactly are...

Did you know?

Find out how much tuition cost at Margaret Morrison College in the ’50s.

Dollar Movie


Find out what's happening around Pittsburgh this week.

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