Student body executive emphasizes election

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Fellow Tartans,

As Tuesday, Oct. 9, marks the final day for individuals to register to vote in the state of Pennsylvania, Will Weiner and I wanted to take a moment to thank the Carnegie Mellon community for its continued enthusiasm surrounding the election and to remind you of the importance of remaining politically informed and involved up until the Nov. 6 election date.

First and foremost, we have been so incredibly pleased by the amount of young people who registered to vote within the past few months. Representatives from Student Government as well as several other organizations from both the Carnegie Mellon community and the greater Pittsburgh area have worked incredibly hard to vocalize the importance of voting and urge members of our community to register. Together, we have collected boxes upon boxes of voter registrations, and we are proud of the student body’s efforts to get involved.

Secondly, Will and I were also delighted by the turnout at our screening of this past week’s U.S. Presidential Debate.

A total of 378 individuals stopped by McConomy Auditorium to watch the debate.

Being able to witness the reactions of the audience during the debate made for a truly interactive and entertaining night, and we enjoyed hearing the thoughts and reactions of those students who stayed afterwards to discuss the debate and reflect on each candidate’s performance.

While we have witnessed great enthusiasm surrounding this year’s elections so far, we want to make sure to maintain said enthusiasm up until Election Day.

Will and I would like to use this space to encourage members of our community to stay informed by keeping up with election news and continue efforts to stay politically active on campus — whether it be through an organization, events, or merely friendly conversations.

By Oct. 15, we will have information on detailing local candidates and issues to help you become more informed about key local issues.

Furthermore, we wanted to remind students that while we will be holding Debate Watching Parties for the remaining two presidential debates (information about these events will be postered around campus and announced through our Facebook page,, there are many other informative election-related events occurring both in our area and on national broadcasts.

While we will not be showing the vice presidential or local debates, we strongly encourage you all to tune in or attend. If you have any questions regarding voting, ways to get involved on or off campus, or anything else, feel free to reach out to us either through office hours (which will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 9, from 4:30–5:30 p.m.) or by email at sbp@andrew.cmu.