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Cèilidh needs better promotion, student awareness

We said it last year, and we’ll say it again: Cèilidh weekend needs to be better advertised.

Economy must be top issue for young voters

It takes no strength to adopt a meaningless stance that does absolutely nothing for the American people because the status quo on social issues isn’t changing.

Dietrich students need greater opportunities at EOC

The vast majority of the 34 companies looking for Dietrich undergraduates at the EOC are only looking for economics, information systems, and “consulting” majors.

Romney’s victory over Obama is debatable

There are many reasons why Romney was declared the winner of this debate by the masses.

Postponement of voter ID law is righteous decision

Halting the voter ID law is an excellent move by Judge Robert Simpson, challenging the implementation of harsh standards intended to address a problem that doesn’t exist.

IKEA catalog contributes to culture of oppression

In the Saudi Arabian version of the latest IKEA catalog, women have been completely airbrushed out of it.

Artifact ownership is an issue

It is understandable that Turkey wants national artifacts back. However, the country’s officials might want to go about retrieving these treasures a little more gently.

Student body executive emphasizes election

As Tuesday, Oct. 9, marks the final day for individuals to register to vote in the state of Pennsylvania, Will Weiner and I wanted to take a moment to thank the Carnegie Mellon community.

Person's Opinion

Homecoming weekends usually revolve around the home football game. So we asked,
If you had a football team, what would you name it?

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