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Into the Woods whisks audiences away

The School of Music performs an enchanting rendition of the Stephen Sondheim musical.

RL Grime hypnotizes crowd

Popular trap DJ RL Grime plays a captivating and bass-heavy set in Rangos Hall.

Hide your kids, hide your pot

Scotch’n’Soda puts on a ludicrous and entertaining production for a college crowd.

Writers read diverse prose

“Pocketful of Prose” engages panelists in a thoughtful discussion of fiction.

Advice for awkward people

Everything you need to know about mixed messages and cheap Halloween costumes.


Paperhouse talks about how to celebrate Halloween the right way.

Did You Know?

Did you know that a pants-less runner was spotted in Schenley Park 25 years ago?


Find out what’s happening on campus and around Pittsburgh this week.

Dollar Movie

AB Films presents three thrilling sci-fi movies this week in McConomy Auditorium.

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