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Activities fee increase based on improper metrics

JFC ultimately needs to change the budgeting process and metrics. Until this happens, organizations will still have budget issues that need to be resolved.

iPad Mini release is too little, too late

Although the iPad Mini will probably produce record profits, the device was announced too late and with too high a price point to be considered a milestone for the company.

Last home football game opportune time for spirit

We’ve never been the type of student body that comes together in its entirety for the weekly Saturday football game — but there is no reason that we can’t be.

Undecided voting stems from lack of appealing candidates

I couldn’t agree more when people say that this is the election for the “least worst” candidate.

Ingrained prejudices are combatted by feminism

Feminism is important because it reminds us that we learn things we are never explicitly told.

Student Senate improves visibility with Senate Week

It seems that this year, Student Senate is aiming to form a stronger relationship with the student body and create a means to disperse information to the campus community.

Trouble for Community evident with premiere

If this is how the airing of season four of Community is going to play out, I’d have much rather seen the show cancelled at the end of last season.

Local election essential to determining economy's future

Only 15.4 percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing. This election is a chance to change that.

Person's Opinion

We become frightened easily at The Tartan, and Halloween is this week. So we asked,
What is the scariest thing about Carnegie Mellon?

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