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Petting zoo provides healthy dose of relaxation, nostalgia on campus

We commend AB Special Events for helping us make the most of this time by hosting a petting zoo Tuesday on the College of Fine Arts lawn.

With such a stressful occupation, Obama could use a hug

Running for president in the 21st century is, quite frankly, awful. Everything you’ve ever done in your life is up for grabs and blown out of proportion.

TartanTrak fails at tracking alumni

In the case that only six alumni of my major are willing to give back to campus by helping current students, some serious work needs to be done in building morale and pride in the program.

Fisher v. University of Texas may diminish Carnegie Mellon’s diversity

A significant part of Carnegie Mellon’s culture and values stem from the idea that diversity stimulates intellectual and personal growth.

To protect animals from devastation, PETA hijacks Pokémon memories

PETA’s decision to attack a game series that has passed its peak, one whose anime and related products emphasize values like friendship and companionship, seems inexplicable.

Leave science to those who actually believe it

Our country, which has led the world in science research in countless fields, appears to be run by those who, because of their fundamentalist views, lack a fundamental understanding of reality.

No way President cooked job numbers

Fixing the jobs numbers would be an act of political stupidity on behalf of the Obama administration.

Why social issues still matter in this presidential election

The true cost of modern times on future generations won’t only be the burdens of our economy: It will also be how we faced injustice, ignorance, and oppression.

Propagating sexism has consequences

Feminism gives us the space, the vocabulary, and the strength to address each of these issues head-on. It’s personally given me the confidence and ability to overcome the issues I’ve faced.

No lack of parties for voters to choose from in November

If we have a two-party system, then it’s entirely self-inflicted. Political parties aren’t even mentioned in the Constitution, and there’s absolutely nothing systemic about two-party dominance.

Plan B in schools sends bad message

New York City’s plan to reduce teen pregnancy is a step in the right direction, but allowing Plan B to be easily accessible will perpetuate the idea that unprotected sex is okay.

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