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Computer science students named prestigious Siebel Scholars

Since the year 2000, 85 graduate students from American universities have been invited to join the prestigious Siebel Scholars community. This year, five of them came from Carnegie Mellon.

Researchers utilize engineering to combat world hunger

Two engineering researchers are applying engineering to food in a way that could create a long-term, sustainable solution to malnutrition in Africa.

New program focuses on science communication skills

To help improve the disconnect between scientists and the public, a new program starting this fall aims to encourage researchers to open up to the public and speak a language everyone can understand.

Video game research turns into game-making startup

Student-led Mojo Game Studios has begun its work on its premiere product, a game scheduled for release in early 2014.

How Things Work: Sleep

Without sleep, many aspects of our body — such as muscle repair, memory consolidation, and the release of hormones — fall out of rhythm.

SciTech Briefs

Scientists from The University of Michigan may have found a region of the brain that contributes to obesity.

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