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Smartphones create social crutch

While I can see that there are many useful features of a smartphone, I don’t want to let a significant portion of my life be defined by my phone.

Apple leaves users lost and disoriented with Maps

The release of iOS 6 is marred by the Maps application that launched with it.

Jackson video stutters its pro-Obama message

Jackson’s attempt to be a part of the solution is really only making matters worse.

Town Hall meeting is a good start to engage students

The town hall meeting represented a part of Student Body President Will Weiner and Vice President Meela Dudley’s continued engagement with the campus community.

Romney should focus campaign’s message

Rather than presenting a concise, guiding vision, Romney’s campaign has merely tried to avoid conflicts with any particular group.

Quantitative easing will make recovery difficult

Implementing QE3 choice indicates that we are certainly not in a good economic spot, and things will probably worsen.

Boy Scouts’ policies on gay members must be changed

While Freedom of Association gives the BSA the legal right to ban gay scouts, I believe that this should be superseded by a moral imperative.

Energy drinks are poor substitutes for healthy rest

Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, and other energy drink companies have entered the fray and hired student representatives to promote their products on campus.

Drone use in Middle East is true source of tension

U.S. foreign policy makers must look at actions throughout the Muslim world rather than pin the blame on Innocence of Muslims.

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