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Google raises privacy concerns with its new policy

Upcoming privacy changes are a dangerous to information integrity and should leave users wary of how secure their information is with Google.

Romney should tout work at Bain Capital

Romney needs to start using both his time at Bain Capital and his tax rate to highlight the characteristics that set him apart.

Social media should bear responsibility for truth

Social media has everyone in a frenzy, and rightfully so. When this craze blurs into a haze, however, is when the true problem arises.

Pennsylvania introduces abortion legislation

House Bill 1077 isn’t empowering women; it’s trying to bully them into not getting an abortion.

Mayor’s racist remarks highlight strong disconnect

When East Haven, Conn. Mayor Joe Maturo blurted out, “I might have tacos when I go home.” during an interview last Wednesday, he most likely didn’t envision the backlash that would ensue.

State of the Union deserves more student attention

As college students who understand these difficulties firsthand, we should be taking an active political role in shaping the future for students just like us.

Initiatives by Student Senate are underway

Student Senate launches and starts other initiatives.

Person's Opinion

It's the Giants vs. the Patriots in the Super Bowl next week, so we asked, "What are you doing for the Super Bowl?"

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