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Pittsburgh’s music scene: better than you think

Pittsburgh’s growing music scene is drawing talented groups to its venues.

John Green releases new book

The Fault in Our Stars draws readers in with its wit and humor.

Students form rap group with local artists

The student-formed hip-hop group discusses recording its upcoming E.P.

Pop-up vintage sale boasts quirky finds

A pop-up vintage store opens in Lawrenceville, combining three local favorites.

Tycho creates ethereal atmosphere

Ennui, Beacon, and Tycho fill the Shadow Lounge with ethereal sounds.

SNL's Seth Meyers pulls no punch lines

SNL's “Weekend Update” host puts on a personal standup show.

‘Bronies’ form unofficial club

Unlikely fans of the My Little Pony series form an unofficial club on campus.


A look into the electronic music scene reveals a lack of female DJs.

Advice for awkward people

Everything you need to know about mono, SOPA, and PIPA.

Dollar Movie

AB Films presents four baseball-themed movies this week.

Did You Know

One theory claims that a man can play baseball with himself on Mars.


Find out what's happening in Pittsburgh and around campus this week.

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