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CMU bookstore should update hours to better match student schedules

The bookstore’s restrictive hours are inconvenient to students trying to purchase textbooks in the evening.

Cookies support Girl Scouts, LGBT rights

While the Girl Scout cookie has long faced opposition from those concerned with health, the cookie faces a tougher, more politically charged battle this year.

Port Authority needs more funding from state

Public transportation in Pennsylvania is consistently underfunded; emergency bailouts are a symptom, not a solution.

Pittsburgh should embrace new hipster label

Pittsburgh has been called a great place for hipsters, the newest American subculture. We should embrace it.

Online reaction to anti-piracy bills shows internet’s political influence

While the internet has always been home to activism, the scope of these protests goes far beyond other internet movements.

Open talks required for nonprofit contributions to city revenue problems

In the face of looming budget deadlines and starved-for-revenue sources, the Pittsburgh city government elected to ask a coalition of 46 nonprofits to cough up the money in lieu of being taxed.

Student body VP provides updates

For better or for worse, many of the initiatives we had hoped to complete ended up being major projects for other organizations and groups.

Person's Opinion

Everyone is returning to Carnegie Mellon after the holidays. So we asked, "What's the most interesting thing you did over winter break?"

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