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Student organizations to be reimbursed donation fees

The administration announced that it plans to reimburse student organizations for all past and future administrative fees on donations.

Mixpanel hosts pro-startup talk

Employees from Mixpanel, a startup company, hosted a talk titled “Why to Join a Startup over Google” in Gates Hillman last Thursday.

Delta Upsilon opens CMU chapter

Delta Upsilon fraternity is returning and opening a new chapter this year; representatives will be on campus to recruit.

H&SS celebrates pride day

The Dietrich Pride Day aims to encourage H&SS students to interact with their academic peers and raise awareness of their campus presence.

Hunt exhibit showcases history of botanical literature, art

A botany and history exhibit was held on the fifth floor of Hunt Library this past week, and will continue to be showcased until December.

Campus News in Brief

An engineering professor wrote a new textbook and an HCCI professor will serve as chairman of the Health Care Cost Institute.

Lecture Previews

Lectures on physics, art, science, and Mahatma Gandhi will all be occurring throughout the week.

Crime and Incident

There were many instances of harassment this week, as well as attempted fraud and theft.

Statistically Speaking

Hundreds of companies convened for the TOC/EOC/BOC job fair extravaganza last week.

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