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Media overreacts to science results

An international team of researchers in Italy has recently released results from an experiment that showed sub-atomic particles traveling faster than the speed of light.

H&SS Pride Day reveals deeper problems for the college

The recently held Dietrich Pride Day has already been used to try and unify the newly named Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences’ multidisciplinary students under one banner.

Automatic bathrooms make life less simple, less eco-friendly

Automated devices in bathrooms should aid in this process, yet upon further inspection they waste both time and resources.

Progressive income taxes are unfair, unreasonable

I believe that anyone who fairly earns any amount of money deserves every penny of it.

SpongeBob study should be tossed into deep sea

A study from the University of Virginia published in Pediatrics this week concluded that the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants impairs children’s “executive functions.”

Failure of wine kiosks highlights archaic liquor laws

In an outcome that surprised no one, Pennsylvania’s ill-designed experiment with supermarket wine kiosks came to an end last Tuesday.

Letter to the editor: International students should have financial aid

My freshman year, a student asked Jared Cohon, “Why doesn’t CMU offer financial aid to international students?”

Person's Opinion

The TOC, EOC, and BOC were last week. So we asked, "How was your job fair experience?"

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