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Future program in Rwanda merits serious discussion

There are questions yet to be answered by the administration as we boldly launch programs on yet another continent.

Tea Party debates reveal weaknesses in Republican party positions

Nothing scares me more than the prospect that a political representative from the hyper-conservative Tea Party could quite possibly be elected into the presidential office within my lifetime.

College ranking is useless

College ranking is petty; an education is what a student makes of it.

Affirmative action fails to reach underprivileged minority members

Affirmative action promises to provide equal opportunities, but fails to keep that promise.

Students should live off-campus for independence

It is a fact that you will experience more of the culture of Pittsburgh in general by being out on your own — living off-campus is a great start.

Rising student loan defaults should not be ignored

If we care about the future education, we must make it known that we care and will defend and advocate legislation that enables affordable college tuition.

Person's Opinion

Three job fairs are happening this week. So we asked, "what would your dream job be?"

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