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Guster celebrates donation with Carnegie Mellon

Guster, known for such songs as Fa Fa, Amsterdam, and Do You Love Me, played an energetic, 90-minute set, drawing a crowd that extended to the College of Fine Arts building by the show's end.

Game developer Will Wright discusses benefits of failing

Renowned video game developer Will Wright was presented with the second-annual Pausch Prize by Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) on April 28.

Spotify revolutionizes music listening

Spotify is a music streaming service that allows listeners to search and play songs from an impressively large variety of record labels.

The Help celebrates small victories against racism

Despite the film's positive reception, some audiences are offended by the message The Help sends.

Pottermore doesn't live up to hype

Although Pottermore doesn't open to the public until October, fans who completed a “Magic Quill Challenge” on the website in early August were allowed to register early.

Tales from Washington, D.C.

Last spring, along with several other Carnegie Mellon students, I participated in the Washington Semester Program at Georgetown University. The experience was nothing short of incredible.

Wicked defies disappointment (and gravity)

Unloved by her father and despised by all around her, the Wicked Witch of the West still managed to charm Pittsburgh last Thursday night in Wicked.

History hits close to Home

Bryson's book takes readers on an entertaining tour through the history of the home.

Advice for awkward people

Prepare for the TOC and figure out how to decide between two girls.


Rap crews have all but disappeared from the music scene.

Dollar movie

Find out what movies — and which comedy troupe — will be presented in McConomy this week.

Did you know?

A year ago, Northwestern University researchers found a scientific use for Everclear.


Find out what's happening on campus and around Pittsburgh this week.

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