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Google+ makes users rethink and re-evaluate online relationships

Google's recently released Google+ and its circles have put me in a difficult situation.

Generous gift celebrated with unique, but poorly advertised, festivities

University leadership succeeded in creating a day of celebration that could appeal to all facets of the campus community.

Insensitivity toward domestic violence cannot hide behind excuses

Did you know that one in four women have experienced domestic violence in her lifetime? Or that three out of four Americans personally know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence?

CMU needs to think of students first

Donation provides window of opportunity for administration to create a dialogue with students.

Transgendered people are the forgotten members of the LGBT society

Bono is the only child of the famous musical duo Sonny and Cher; he also happens to be transgendered, which is apparently an issue to many who watch Dancing With the Stars.

Local government can't sweep Pittsburgh's water problems under rug

Many Tartan readers may not know that Carnegie Mellon President Jared Cohon has been heading a Regional Water Management Task Force to study the city's many water problems.

Person's Opinion

Carnegie Mellon recently announced an impending colossal donation. So we asked,
What would you do with $265 million?

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