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Alert system fails to live up to standards and deliver timely messages

The alert system has a history of getting messages out well after an emergency, giving inaccurate and incomplete information, and failing to provide actionable information.

Food recalls show tie between mega-corporations and government

It's summertime. I'm watching Food, Inc. and eating Chef Boyardee, a bad combination to say the least.

Campus transportation is struggling with communication and timeliness

The shuttle extensions have been billed as a service improvement, but that depends on your point of view — or, more likely, your place of residence.

Forget partisan differences and elect candidates with realistic views

It is refreshing to see a few Republican presidential candidates running on facts and logic.

Libya has long road to stable democracy after Gadhafi's overthrow

Libya still has a long way to go before it even comes close to achieving a functioning democracy.

Media can be a viable watchdog for PACs

As Colbert has proven, it's fairly simple to infiltrate the system and learn about the free rein that corporations can have by forming a super-PAC.

Past immigration policies deny much-needed security for workers

After making promises in his 2008 campaign to bring change to immigration policies in America, President Obama finally came through last week with a new policy on immigration.

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