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Exploring Pittsburgh: A beginner's guide

Pittsburgh is not a steel-hearted city; rather, it is a collection of small neighborhoods that are easy to become familiar with and will quickly seem like home.

Quirky traditions abound across campus

Beyond its reputation as a world-class research institution, Carnegie Mellon harbors a unique heritage and set of quirky traditions.

From the Head Orientation Counselors

Orientation is designed to help students familiarize themselves with the Carnegie Mellon community. It is our goal to help you begin the journey of finding yourself.

Discover the best dining options on campus

We've provided you with a head start to where the best food is available on campus.

Campus offers plenty of coffee resources

Especially during your first year, knowing where to get the best coffee at the best price will prove essential.

Tales from Freshman Year

Don't look for too specific an experience at Carnegie Mellon, and step outside of your comfort zone whenever possible. The most memorable opportunities will be the ones you never thought you'd find.

Discover Pittsburgh's music scene

One part of Pittsburgh that you can really get into, if you're willing and knowledgeable, is the music scene.

Everything you need to know

Here's the first rule of Orientation: Leave your room.


In this corner of Pillbox, the poetic musical neurosis of the WRCT staff reigns supreme.

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