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Greek Sing provides laughs and music for good cause

Greek Sing took place this past Saturday at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall, providing laughs, dance steps, and musical numbers.

Movie sequels often disappoint

After releasing a comedy movie that unexpectedly turns into a box office hit, studios are always itching to make a sequel in hopes of recreating the money-making success of the original.

Brunch locations abound in the 'Burgh

One way to bond with your visitors during Carnival and experience the great food Pittsburgh has to offer is by going out for brunch.

Belong reveals band's musical growth

After the hype died down, the question of whether the band would go down as “just another noise-pop band” rooted itself within the minds of listeners and critics alike.

Alumnus returns to Pittsburgh to perform

Dreams can become reality. For Carnegie Mellon alumnus Perry Sherman, his dream as a student was to be on Broadway after graduation. Today, he is living that dream.

Dollar movie

Discover what critically acclaimed movies are coming to McConomy.

Did You Know?

50 years ago, students are near panic when permits for Buggy practice aren’t issued.


Ragtime, a polyrhythmic musical genre that enjoyed its peak from 1897 to 1918, is a forgotten genre; society’s perception of it has been muddled into a caricature of itself.

Carnegie Museum of Art exhibit provokes thought

Thek’s work grabs you by the shoulders and forces you to reconsider all your preconceived notions about what art truly is.

Everything you need to know

Dear Hoskins Brothers, I want to throw a luau. Do you have any tips to make it a success? Sincerely, Luaus Exceed Imagination Dear LEI, The luau is...


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