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Low student government expectations should change

Last year, The Tartan decided not to endorse any candidate for student body president, and this year we choose to do the same.

Vote to keep free newspapers available on campus

The program at Carnegie Mellon provides students with free copies of The New York Times, USA Today, and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at multiple locations throughout campus

Experience should not be deciding factor for voters

Voters should consider whether experience is really what matters when it comes to choosing the best student body president. I encourage everyone to check out the candidates’ websites.

Japan’s crisis exaggerated

It was difficult to reconcile the calm atmosphere that surrounded me with what I was reading about online.

Facebook tries to get cozy with government to protect its interests

The Internet is slowly becoming a battleground of privacy issues and other bureaucratic “red tape” regulations.

Legalizing marijuana will benefit the economy and lower drug use

The way to combat negative marijuana use is through education. Similar to alcohol and tobacco, the most effective policy for controlling drug use lies in lowering the demand for the drug market.

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