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Thistles and Thorns

At the close of every year, The Tartan reassesses the year's events.

An analysis of The Tartan from its last ombudsman

My own, and final, report on the current issues plaguing The Tartan's success as a university newspaper include many concerns echoed from that report written seven years ago.

Fence vandals release statement of apology

As part of the outcome of a mediation between the students and student government, the students charged with vandalism agreed to write a statement about the incident that would appear in The Tartan.

Letter to the editor: Education is about more than future employment

The point of going to college isn't just to prepare for a job — that's the point of professional school or trade school.

E-cigarettes promote unhealthy habits

As it stands, e-cigarettes do not have an age restriction (except in New Jersey), so any teenager with a few dollars has access to them.

Glee is more than just a show, it's a call for social awareness

The message sent out from Glee is always one of tolerance and acceptance, a very noble one.

A Person's Opinion

The school year is just about to end. So we asked, "What class did you most enjoy this past year?"

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