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Buggy races filled with dramatic events

Months of grueling early morning practices culminated in the seven women's heats and ten men's heats that began at 8:10 a.m. and lasted until 12:30 p.m.

Large variety makes Booth a success

This year, the theme for Carnival was “When I Was Your Age,” and the organizations stepped up to the challenge.

Eddie Griffin’s act contains questionable content

Griffin maintained his signature style and stuck to racist and sexist jokes, and expected the audience to take them in good humor.

School of Drama reinvents Alice

The final play of the School of Drama’s 2010–11 season, The Alice Project, debuted last Thursday, April 14.

Scotch’n’Soda presents poignant Cabaret

Scotch’n’Soda brought a more serious note to Carnival this year, however, with its production of Cabaret.

Big Boi thrills crowd at Carnival concert

Big Boi's onstage antics proved he was a masterful performer, combining talent and personality to win the crowd.

Mobots compete at Carnival

Booth. Buggy. Carnegie Mellon has many unique Carnival events, and one of the less prominent — but no less unique — events is the annual Mobot races held by the School of Computer Science (SCS).

Midway Marketplace adds to Carnival traditions

The new Midway Marketplace acted as an exhibition for student organizations that don’t otherwise get to participate in Carnival.

Panda Bear releases new album

Despite the shorter song times, Tomboy is just as blissfully psychedelic as Panda Bear’s previous albums.

Game Creation Society shows off its goods

This year’s Carnival marked the second annual Game Creation Society Arcade.

Create delicious Carnival treats at home

If you missed the chance to indulge in these artery-clogging goodies during Carnival, fear not — you can make sweet, fattening treats at home.

Dollar Movie

See everything from superhero movies to TBA in McConomy this week.

Oakland Review provides opportunities for alumni

The Oakland Review, Carnegie Mellon’s undergraduate literary journal, gathered a small but intimate crowd in the University Center for a special reading of poetry and fiction.

Did You Know?

Read about the dramatic events that occurred during Sweepstakes 25 years ago.

Everything you need to know

Help! I’m stranded at Ikea.


When I heard the word “jazz” growing up, the image that usually came to mind was of sophisticated old-money types, sipping cognac and stroking their goatees while sitting in one of their libraries.


See what events are happening around Pittsburgh this week.

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